Award winning local wedding photographer

Award winning local wedding photographer Steve Gemmell returned to Knebworth on Friday 7th October. The occasion was the wedding of Amy and Charlie. Alongside Amy and Charlie’s wedding there were two other events taking place during the course of the day. So in many ways it was an eventful time at Knebworth House on Friday! More on that later ….

Amy and her girls were relaxing at the local Novotel after their hair and make-up. There was an emotional moment when Amy’s father arrived and greeted his daughter in her wedding dress. Meanwhile Charlie and his two best men were waiting patiently in the Cobbold barn. After the ceremony and confetti we had a special permission to enter Knebworth House for a few photographs. The reason being that filming was taking place in some of the gardens at the rear of the house. Last time I visited Knebworth on a shoot there was filming taking place for the new Transformers movie. This time the subject of the film couldn’t have been more removed from that genre of movie. This film was about Winnie The Poo’s creator A A Milne.

So we took advantage of the opportunity to photograph in the the Great Hall. For the big group shot I went up into the gallery to shoot down at Amy & Charlie and all their wedding guests. However filming was also taking place inside the house. Half way up to the gallery we had to stop and remain silent until we heard the word “Cut” before we could continue. Then it was off to the rest of the gardens at Knebworth. The grounds here are extensive so there were plenty of other areas where we could go for photographs. As an award winning local wedding photographer I have shot here over many years and know the grounds very well. It made a nice change to photograph at the front of the house. Something I haven’t done for a few years now.

Finally back in for the evening reception at the Cobbold barn. Amy & Charlie are obviously very much in love and it was all we could do to get a few images where they weren’t actually kissing! I have never known a couple kiss so much. Still it was lovely to see. I wasn’t the only one to catch them kissing before they made their entrance for the wedding breakfast as you can see below.

We managed to get Amy & Charlie out again as the sun was going down as well. Which brings us to the second event that taking place at Knebworth. The 25th Round Britain Reliabilty Run!  In case you are wondering this is one of the oldest events in the Triumph enthusiasts calendar. You can read more from the link. I was amazed at the sheer number of Triumph cars of every vintage and style. The objective to drive around Britain, covering nearly 2000 miles and Knebworth House was a stopping off point for a buffet meal. Incredible. I managed to get a few shots of the last few cars to depart. Charlie asked me to do this as I understand that he is a bit of a car enthusiast.

We ventured back in again for the traditional cake cutting, bouquet throwing and first dance. Congratulations to Amy & Charlie. They are off to the Riviera Maya in Mexico ( lucky people ). Hope you have a great time guys!

Thanks to Professional Toastmaster Gerared Dalton

Harpist  Melissa Adriana Parmar

Glamourpuss Weddings

Franklin Entertainment

Linda Masters Florist

D & K Cars

Totally Scrumptious Wedding Cakes

Perfect Wedding DVD


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All images by Award winning local wedding photographer Steve Gemmell

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