Bride Arrives

When the Bride Arrives

The bride arrives… This is always an important moment during any wedding day. All of the female guests are always excited to see what she is wearing. The groom will look around as she approaches and this will be their first eye contact for that day. As a wedding photographer this moment can be tricky to capture. However in This  first image I have had success. It shows the arrival of Maria at the Twelve Apostles Church in Brookmans Park Hertfordshire. She has just made eye contact with her husband to be Robert. You can see more from this wedding day here

Herts wedding photographer at Brookmans park

The second image shows Emily arriving at the church for her wedding here. Emily was a delightful bride and she looks radiant as she prepares for her day ahead.

The third photograph was taken as the bride exited the wedding car. The venue here is Shuttleworth Mansion House. Some of the bridesmaids were waiting for the moment when the bride arrives. I positioned two of them to one side of the doorway. I knew that would make a nice composition when she approached the house. I used a wide angle lens to be sure of getting the girls in and pre-focussed on them. I was fortunate that the wedding car stopped in just the right position. The bride left the car and I got this shoot before her father got out to join her.

Bride arrives at Shuttleworth

Knebworth House on a bright sunny day. The bride is about to step out of her carriage. A wide angle lens again. This time I have crouched down low. I wanted to hide all of the visitor cars in the background. I also have a burst of flash here so that I don’t end up with a silhouette. The toastmaster is reaching out to help the bride down off the carriage. The carriage men are nicely positioned and the seated driver is looking back. The whole composition  holds together nicely and the dramatic clouds add a beautiful background to the photographers need to think and act quickly in these split second situations. Framing quickly whilst positioning yourself for the best angle to get a clean image without distractions. Sometimes the gods are with us and of course chance has a part to play also.

Bride arrive at Knebworth House

The last image in this set shows beautiful bride Claire and her beaming father as they enter the church in Stevenage. Often father’s can look very solemn as they escort their daughters to the alter. Not this man – he looks so proud and pleased to perform this duty. I have shot literally hundreds of fathers walking their daughters down the aisle but this has to be my favourite from them all.

Bride arrives at church


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