Catholic Wedding Photographer Hertfordshire | Fallon & Michael

Catholic Wedding Photographer Hertfordshire

Fallon & Michael’s wedding was in the beautiful Roman Cathloic church of the Immaculate Conception & St. Joseph in Hertford. It has been a while since my last wedding here as a catholic wedding photographer.

I started the day at Fallon’s home where her two daughters Ava & Sara were getting very excited about the fact that their mother and father were getting married today! Being the older of the two little Ava was particularly interested in make-up artist Hannah’s work and wanted to help by handing her the tools she needed from the vast array spread across the table.

On arrival at the church I was met by a concerned groom Michael as his groomsmen had yet to arrive and were stuck in traffic jams. They still hadn’t arrived by the time that Fallon’s car pulled up and we had the unusual situation of the bride having to wait for the groom’s party rather than the usual situation at the church. The boy’s Thomas, Stephen and Liam didn’t keep Fallon waiting too long and we were soon in this beautifully decorated church for the opening hymn. Instead of confetti the guests had bubbles to blow so I arranged them along the covered entrance to the church so that Fallon and Michael could walk through.

Then off into the Hertfordshire countryside arriving at Datchworth and Coltsfoot Country Retreat for the reception. Fallon and Michael had opted for my signing book as an alternative to the usual signing board and the images from their wedding pre-shoot looked great in this format.

Little Sara was wacked out from all of the excitment of the day and the staff at Coltsfoot made a makeshift cradle for her to sleep in. After the wedding breakfast some of the guests were enjoying a game whereby you have to guess the song displayed on your phone – I can’t remember what this app is called but it was certainly causing some hilarity as the guests displayed varable “humming” talents for the tunes displayed. After the cake cutting and first dance I took Fallon and Michael out for one last shot as the sun went down on this wedding day 4th July 2015.

For most of the day I worked alongside videographer Gavin from “moving memories”

Makeup artist Hannah Maestranzi 07722 843063

Evening entertainment Lovelight Entertainment

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Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer Steve Gemmell

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