Creative wedding photographer

Are you looking for a creative wedding photographer for your wedding day?


Creative Wedding Photographer

Steve is a creative wedding photographer who will always produce amazing images from your wedding day. In fact “amazing” is the most common adjective used by his clients.

Having a good “eye” and constantly being on the look out for what is happening throughout the day are the key skills for a creative wedding photographer.

As well as working in the background, capturing key moments as unobtrusively as possible Steve can also produce the more staged striking images which often highlight your chosen venue within the composition. Watch the slideshow through and you will see good examples of this.

Steve has a love of strong composition and in particular loves capturing creative images in low lighting conditions.

Weddings can be fun too and a creative wedding photographer needs to be flexible in his or her approach. Sometimes clients want to have some ‘fun wedding photographs” and of course every couple will usually request those essential  formal family groups for their album. Steve tries to make these as relaxed as he can whilst still arranging people to achieve the best balance within the resulting photographs.

Time spent with the bride and groom on the day is limited so it is important for Steve, as a creative wedding photographer, to put them at ease and gently direct them to achieve creative, natural portraits. Not everyone is used to having portraits taken in this way and a pre-wedding session with the couple allows them to get used to Steve and how he will work with them on the day.

A good creative wedding photographer needs to be a master of several genres of photography, portraiture for the key members of the wedding party, candid or reportage to capture ‘moments” as they happen throughout the day, landscape to highlight the venue and surroundings, close-up for wedding details etc.. Steve is constantly striving to achieve exellence in every genre and invests a great deal of time in ongoing training and research to be the very best he possibly can for every client who books him.

Good editing and creative use of imaging tools i.e. Photoshop and others, are an increasingly important skill for the creative wedding photographer. Steve has over ten years experience with Photoshop and the key thing that makes a good image stronger is the ability to apply any adjustments with sublety. Many images do not need this kind of work although Steve will edit every single photograph to get the very best quality he can from every single image he gives to his clients.

During a summer wedding this can often run to 800 or even over 1000 images for some weddings. Only a creative wedding photographer will spend the time to fully edit every single photograph after a wedding as it is very time consuming but it does make a very big difference to the final images handed over.

Your wedding day is unique, it will reflect who you are and will be planned around what is important to you. It is vital that your photographer is “in tune” with you and understands what you want to remember from your day. The photographs are the only thing that you really get to keep after the wedding so it is crucial that you get the right person to capture and document that day.

So if you want to book a creative wedding photographer who will always strive to produce “amazing” images for you,  get in touch and Steve will get straight back to you.

Alternatively call him on 07843 437046