Documentary Wedding Photography

Documentary Wedding Photography…..

is a style of photography that I particular enjoy. It is essentially about documenting your day creatively. Looking for interesting images throughout your wedding day without too much posing. I have always approached documentary wedding photography in this way. If you browse this site you will see many examples of this type of photography.

Whilst I enjoy documentary wedding photography, it does not mean that I will never ever take a group photograph! Weddings are all about family .I understand the importance of having some formal photographs. It is all about legacy and family history. However I do try to make these portraits as relaxed and natural as possible without too much fuss. Nothing is worse than having your wedding guests standing around while a photographer takes forever to arrange and shoot a group portrait.

Most of my people photos are taken without the subjects even realising that they are having their photograph taken. These photos are often your most loved images and memories from the day. I call this candid photography but people give this style lots of different names. The french term of Reportage was very popular a few years back. Henri Cartier Bresson is famous for this style. The whole genre came about because of the smaller 35mm rangefinder camera and the ability to take images quickly and quietly without interference with the subject. Journalistic is another description commonly used.

To my mind a good eye for composition and the ability to work quickly are the key requisites. Today’s cameras are getting smaller every year and there is no need for lots of heavy equipment anymore. However to suceed at Documentary Wedding Photography there is no substitute for experience. Only after a practitioner has been working in this style for a number of years will they be able to anticipate and capture images that work well.