Family Heirlooms | The Wedding Photograph

Family Heirlooms | The Wedding Photograph

Family Heirlooms – The Wedding Photograph

This shot is from an Italian wedding a few years back. The groom Giovanni had quite a forthright personality and had the veneer of a tough character. Certainly the sort of guy you wouldn’t want to get into an argument with. However this portrait taken in the late afternoon at the reception shows the gentler side to his character. He clearly was in love with his beautiful wife Katherine and their little girl and this is probably my favourite image from that day.

The quote was from David A William’s website a great Australian photographer and teacher who now lives and works in Canada. David is a great believer in the importance of photography as family heirlooms that will be handed on from generation to generation. This photograph hopefully will become an important heirloom for this family and a moment to remember with affection from their wedding day.

So few couples have a wedding album produced by their wedding photographer today, with many opting to just have the images supplied in digital form. I would guess that most do get prints made, I hope they do or at least back up their image files several times as all digital media storage usually fails at some point in time. Online storage is another option – but who knows if they will still be available to view in 20,50 or 100 years time? This image is in Giovanni & Katherine’s wedding album and I would like to think that the album would be handed on to the little girl at some point and then on to her children for future generations to look back on in the years to follow.

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