Family Photo Shoot

Family Photo Shoot

Lovely family photo shoot last Wednesday over at The Priory Little Wymondley. Nicola and Justin are getting  wed here in December this year just before Christmas. Justin’s mum and little George were along for the shoot as well.

George definately has the makings of a star footballer and was keen to show me some very impressive footwork!

Nicola and Justin booked me for their wedding photography after seeing the wedding photographs that I shot for Cat & Lee last Christmas at Fanhams Hall. We had some heavy rain that day as we often do at that time of year, but we still had a great day and some wonderful memories for Cat & Lee. Wouldn’t it be great if we had some snow this year? I have yet to photograph a Christmas wedding when it snows so maybe this will be the year.

In any event, whatever the weather, I am really looking forward to photographing Nicola & Justin’s big day. They are a smashing couple and a great little family who I am sure will have a wonderful day in December.

family photo shoot

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