Herts Wedding Photography | Laughter

Herts Wedding Photography

Laughter and fun can usually be found at even the solemnest of weddings. I have been shooting Herts Wedding Photography for fifteen years. During that time I have had the pleasure to photograph many fun moments. Here are just a few of them.

Herts wedding photography

This first image was taken at Coltsfoot a favourite venue of mine. Taken spontaneously. Saw the guys laughing and joking, they turned and saw me and I quickly took the image.

Herts wedding photography

Just love the look on the little bridesmaid’s face in this one. The bride and groom were kissing at this point in the ceremony- I think it was the ‘you may now kiss the bride moment ‘.

The groom is making his speech here and has just made some comment regarding his new father-in-law.

Lots of fun at this wedding! The guests were in the mood for some mischief and I caught this image as the couple were posing for pictures!

The groomsmen getting ready for the day ahead. The expression on the face of the guy on the left is priceless as he struggles with his dress shirt.

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