Humour in Wedding Photography


I love to see some humour in photography. My favourite photographer of all time is Elliot Erwitt who in his personal work actively seeks out absurd situations in everyday surroundings.

Wedding photography is often a source of such situations.  This first image was taken at a wedding where I was assisting a very talented local photographer Steve Shipman.

The wedding was at Pennyhill Park in Surrey.

Steve was arranging the Bride & Groom when we saw some of the guests looning about behind the wall to their right. Steve encouraged them to “ham it up” and we got some very funny images as a result.

The next photograph did not need any intervention and was a purely observed image, as were the remainder in this post. It is a favourite of mine taken in St Ethelreda church in central London last year. This little lad was singing his heart out and I thought it made a great photograph.

humour in wedding photography

The one below was more local and shows some of the groomsmen getting ready.

Love the expression of the guy on the left as he struggles with what appears to be a tight fitting collar.

Everyday situations often throw up something funny but wedding days when people are nervous or in unfamiliar situations, that is a recipe for humorous things to happen. This post here is a classic play on the best man and the rings situation for example.

humour in wedding photography


Sometimes it can just be something quirky that you spot such as this little baby at a greek wedding. Not obviously funny but I think there is some gentle humour there.

greek wedding photographer

Humour in wedding photography will often involve young children. They are usually confused at what all the fuss is about and would most likely be far happier doing something else or generally having fun.

We often see and hear a lot of humour during the speeches but this shot  taken at Poles Hall at Hanbury Manor is another great favourite of mine. Not as subtle I know but everyone in the shot is laughing in an animated fashion, the groom in particular.  I just love their arrangement within the frame and the way it all holds together if that makes sense?  The mother of the groom on the far right and his sister on the far left anchor the image at each end, the bride’s parents are looking towards the groom and the brides father is glancing across at the merriment of his wife.

humour in wedding photography


Hertfordshire wedding photographer




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