Inspiration for Photographers


Inspiration for Photographers – So where do you start?

Everyone who starts a new creative venture will look to the work of other artists that they admire. There are so many talented photographers out there and access to their work has never been so available to anyone interested in studying and learning from them. This is of course due to the internet which is a real boon for anyone who loves photography. The world wide web is now a very visual medium and depending on the genre of image making that appeals to you the most, just search the web using the appropriate keywords for the style of photography that appeals to you.

I am primarily a wedding photographer so I keep up to date with other wedding photographers around the world by checking out their blogs and websites. There are also hundreds of sites with valuable resources as well as forums and I am continually learning and advancing my own skills and knowledge all the time. It is also a great way to make new friends worldwide. Photographers tend to be a very helpful bunch and will share information and tips with one another through forums or email. If you check my Facebook friends you will see many photographers on there from all around the planet. The same applies to other branches of image making and you will find a wealth of information, and most importantly, inspiration!

By studying and admiring the work of others we gain our own inspiration to create. All artists start this way. We gradually assimilate all of this inspiration into our own ideas and over time create our own style which will be different to all the others but may well have been influenced by many different sources.


Below are two links from the many, many image makers who inspire me – some wedding and portrait photographers – but not all. For example I love the work of Elliot Erwitt for his brilliant observation and humour!

Elliot Erwitt

David Williams


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