Mediterranean Sojourn

Mediterranean Sojourn

Our favourite method of travel these days is cruising. Partly an age thing but also the wonderful freedom of packing and unpacking once! Each morning you wake in your small room at sea as the ship arrives at a new destination. Time spent on board ship is relaxing too. You can always find a quiet spot to read or maybe a little photo editing

Although I have an extensive Fujifilm kit of 5 cameras and 7 lenses, when on a break I like to travel light. So most of the images you see here were taken with the excellent Ricoh Gr11. The remainder were taken with the iPhone 7+. Editing and minor adjustments were made in iPhoto on the iPad.

Cruise Ship & Tender

The ship was the biggest we have ever been on, 4000 passengers and about another 2000 staff. They are so well run that you still never feel crowded and as I have already stated, you can always find a quiet spot. There is of course a huge temptation to over eat ( and drink ) and you always return home with several extra pounds in weight.

Harbour at Toulon

Yachts at Toulon

After boarding at Barcelona our first port of call was Toulon. It was easy to gain access to the town on foot. We wandered along the seafront gazing at all the amazing yachts and then ventured into a large Sunday market. My favourite shot from the morning is this one of the little white dog – what is he thinking I wonder? I find the Ricoh is great for this type of candid street shot.

Noreen had a pleasant surprise as we rounded a corner. A little boy approached her and held out a single red rose. To our surprise the mother of the boy explained that it was “National Giving Day” in France.


Barber shop Mykonos

We both love the Greek islands, Mykonos being a particular favourite. However if several cruise ships arrive on the same day it can get horrendously crowded. This was the unfortunate situation for us on this trip with at least three ships in port. In these situations I usually resort to pointing the camera up to avoid all the tourists. Apart from a couple of monochrome pics and a shot into a barber shop this was my main tactic for the morning. We did get distracted by a beautiful cat against a red doorway. My feeling is that he is suggesting that l get that damn camera out of my face! He looked a bit of character not to be messed with.

Don’t mess with me!

Mykonos flora

Santorini – classic view

We faired better in Santorini with the opportunity to climb above the crowds and take in the iconic views. We took the cable car up and came down by foot. The alternative method of transport is a donkey ride. The Japanese tourists seem to love his option. Occasionally the donkeys get fed up and decide to stop for a rest. Not surprising with some of the huge passengers they are often burdened with. It was quite amusing to see a couple of American tourists stranded is this way. Their donkeys completely stationary staring at the wall. The poor woman was starting to get a little hysterical as she was surrounded by donkey droppings and the only option was to dismount!

Somebody has to clear it up!

Some rough seas


Hungry cat – Kotor

Beautiful Kotor

Kotor in Montenegro was an interesting stop. It nestles in a scenic fjord and I opted for my usual sunset type images as we headed out after our day in this historic old town.

Our next adventure is a biggy. We have always wanted to get to Australia but never thought we would ever make it. Amazingly we have this trip booked at very little cost to ourselves. We were offered the trip in exchange for cancelling a cruise. Surprisingly cruise lines over book in anticipation of cancellations. Apparently airlines do this too. So then they have to somehow get people to cancel if they don’t get the cancellations they expected. So next year we plan to avoid some winter weather with a cruise to Australia, India, Singapore and Dubai! Can’t wait for that one!

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