Personal Work

I have been a professional wedding photographer for a number of years now. However my interest in all things photographic goes back many decades. In this section my intention is to share some of my personal imagery and also some thoughts on how the business of image making is evolving.

In years gone by I used to capture images on film and work in the darkroom to produce the final result. This would be the printing of beautiful black & white prints. Slide film was also a favourite and I remember patiently waiting for the little boxes of processed transparency film to arrive in the post.

Now everything is instant with immediate access to the results of your handiwork via your camera or phone. The digital age has opened up a whole new world of creativity for visual enthusiasts. I think we are all image makers now and really the term photographer is rather outdated. Access to creative image making in the form of still and moving images has never been so widely practiced. Instead of the darkroom I used to inhabit I now use software, sometimes on a computer, sometimes on a tablet. I can now shoot 4K video on my smartphone and professional filmmakers are producing fantastic imagery with small digital cameras on gimbals.

So this page will be a mixture of my personal work, the work of others I admire and my general musings regarding what’s new in the wonderful world of imaging.