Sculpture Gallery Wedding Photographer

Sculpture Gallery Wedding Photographer

I am very fortunate to be a recommended Sculpture Gallery Wedding Photographer of many years standing.

One of my very favourite local locations for wedding photography is Woburn Sculpture Gallery. I have photographed some wonderful weddings here including this one, a lovely summer wedding for Lucy & Serdar a few years back.

Woburn Abbey has been the home of the Dukes of Bedford for nearly 400 years. The Sculpture Gallery is part of the huge estate at Woburn. It was originally built as  an orangery for the 5th Duke of Bedford. The Abbey and its gardens are steeped in a vast amount of history.

Whilst the collection of art and antiques is world class in terms of its quality and outstanding in terms of its variety, there is much more to Woburn Abbey than just the art that lives within it. Of course there is also the huge safari park and it is possible to have your wedding celebrations there too.

However the Sculpture gallery with it’s  Terrace, Rose Garden and Camelia Lake, provides the most stunning backdrop to your big day. Whenever I photograph a wedding day here I always take the couple round the back of the gallery. Here I can get a shot with the Abbey in the background. Nicely framed by the magnificent Cypress tree in the grounds. This has become one of my signature shots and you can see an example on this page below here.

I can also highly recommend the excellent service and food here. If you are planning your wedding ceremony or reception at Woburn I would love to be your Sculpture Gallery wedding photographer so please do contact me by telephone on 07843 437046 or use the  contact form here

Wedding Photographer Woburn Sculpture GalleryWedding Photographer Woburn Sculpture Gallery

Sculpture Gallery Wedding Photographer

Photographing here is always a delight and the food and service really outstanding! If you are planning your wedding day here do get in touch. I can take you through a typical wedding day at this great venue and what you can expect in terms of photography throughout the day.

The Sculpture Gallery has been named as one of the UK’s top 100 wedding venues. In fact it is the fourth consecutive year by Brides Magazine, (the UK’s top selling bridal magazine).

The grounds here are great for your wedding guests to explore. The Terrace, Rose Garden and Camelia Lake, provide the most stunning backdrop to your big day.

In spring when the garden and the parkland beyond are awash with colour. If you need a big group photograph there isn’t an “upstairs” location for me to photograph from. However the staff here will provide me with a giant step ladder which gets the job done brilliantly.

Inside the main hall is split into two halves with the central  floor in the middle. So for your reception the venue can cater for a really large number of guests by utilising both sides of the hall. For a smaller number just one side can be used.

Sculpture Gallery Wedding Photographer

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