Wedding Photography Hatfield House

This year I have had the pleasure of wedding photography Hatfield House for several couples. The summer and the spring has been particularly good this year. It was a beautiful day in May for the marriage of Eleanor and James. The ceremony was held in Standon at St Mary’s church. Eleanor had arranged for a fantastic choir to sing at the end of the ceremony. Then on to Hatfield House for the wedding reception. A popular sight at summer weddings is an ice cream van. This one proved very popular with the children at this wedding.

 You can see more wedding photography hatfield house on this link.

Wedding photography Hatfield House offers several locations for your wedding celebrations. The Old Palace is a 15th century  banqueting hall once belonging to Queen Elizabeth I. The extensive grounds within Hatfield Park in Hertfordshire are where Queen Elizabeth I spent much of her childhood. This Grade 1 listed building has witnessed the grandest of functions from magnificent medieval balls to events of great historical importance such as Queen Elizabeth I’s inaugural Council of State in 1558. Royalty, lords and ladies, politicians and dignitaries have all been entertained at Hatfield House. The Riding School offers a complete contrast with it’s modern styling. As the name suggests it was once a place where horses, carriages  were housed for the use of the inhabitants of Hatfield House and the Hatfield Palace.

If you follow this link you can view a wedding that utilised both of these very different rooms. There was a Jewish ceremony in the Riding Stables followed by a church service in St Etheldreda’s. The evening reception was then staged in the Old Palace.

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