Wedding Photography South Farm | Charlotte & Tom

Wedding Photography South Farm

wedding photography South Farm shot by Steve GemmellWedding Photography at South Farm is a dream location for a photographer at this time of year. Unusually Charlotte & Tom choose Monday as the day for their wedding. As things turned out it couldn’t have been a more perfect day for them. I know Tom was praying it would stay fine so that the ceremony could be held in the small gazebo by the pond. There are amazing gardens at South Farm. There was a very big surprise for the guests during the speeches as Tom & Charlotte presented their parents with small boxes as a gift. Inside each box was a raspberry seed and Tom announced that they were the same size as the baby that Charlotte was carrying! See if you can spot the moment in the slideshow. I have put together a video slideshow with some of the images from this Wedding Photography South Farm day with many more to edit for Charlotte and Tom. Congratulations Tom & Charlotte – a very happy couple!

Watch a higher quality slideshow in HD from this link   here

Other Wedding Suppliers were..

D & D makeup and hair

Sophies Flower Company

I have some more information on Wedding Photography South Farm here plus a couple of other weddings at South Farm here and here.

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